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Getting Started With E-cigs: What You Need To Know Before You Start Vaping

The cigarette industry is alive and well, despite the undeniable scientific consensus identifying the dangers of tobacco smoking. Nicotine addicts are having a hard time quitting even when their habits seem to destroy them. This is why most people are switching to vaping. The E-cig industry is rapidly growing as more people switch to safer alternatives to tobacco smoking. According to experts, there are fewer risks of vaping compared to tobacco smoking. 

If you are thinking about switching to E-cigs, then there are a few things you need to understand to get you started. 

Vaping is the word used in the electronic cigarette industry to refer the act of inhaling nicotine using an electronic device. The E-cig comprises of the heating element, battery, tank holding the e-juice and wicking material. E-juice is the liquid containing a certain amount of nicotine used in E-cigs. 

E-juice is made from four ingredients which include propylene glycol (PG), Vegetable glycerin (VG), Nicotine and Food-grade flavoring. There are various E-juice flavors available, giving you loads of options to choose from. 


Types of E-cigs 

E-cigs can be categorized into four main types; mechanical mods, box-style mods, pen-style mods and disposable e-cigs. 

Disposable E-cigs are the most affordable and easiest to use. Most disposable e-cigs are thrown away once the battery dies, but there are others that can be recharged before they are completely worn out. 

Getting Started with E-cigs and Vaping 

The best way to test the waters with E-cigs is to buy a starter kit. E-cig starter kits are affordable and easy to use. With as little as $10, you can buy your first E-cig which will help you determine what appeals to you the most. With the right starter kit, you can decide which brands will be best for you and the flavors to choose whenever you need a refill. Starter kits can either be rechargeable or disposable. 

It is also important to consider battery and charger when getting started with e-cigs. When choosing chargers and batteries, you'll need to consider how often you intend to use e-cig and where you'll be using it. For instance, if you want an all-day vaping experience, you might want to consider buying extra batteries and car charger. 

There are many different brands in the E-cig industry and it might be confusing for newbies to decide which one is best. To be certain you are buying the right product, you'd be better off reading reviews from others users and finding out what most consumers prefer. You can save money on e-cigs by searching for brands that offer discounts. For instance, you can get discounts on Juul E-cigs by keeping an eye out for Juul coupon code on various websites.

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